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...is a world without war.

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World peace defined at its simplest definition, is just a world without war.

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I’m currently putting together a team of peace activists to write letters to world leaders to encourage them to ratify treaties in order to bring an end to all wars and to bring about an age of world peace.

Specifically, we want them to sign into law three types of treaties:

  • Ceasefire agreements – these are official “end of combat” declarations that will end active hostilities between the warring parties.
  • Armistice treaties – these are official “end of the war” proclamations that effectively & legally end the actual declaration of war (if any occurred prior to active hostilities being commenced), and clean up any legal loose ends created during the Ceasefire ratification.
  • Mutual Non-Aggression Pacts – these are not directly related to the above two peace treaties. These are ratified between two or more countries that are currently at peace with each other, and we want these signed into law to prevent future occurrences of war.

Would you care to join my team of peace activists seeking to eliminate all wars & armed conflicts from this good Earth?

I think you would make an excellent member of my Peace Dream Team!

Even if you choose to not participate, I would still like it if you would continue reading my blog, the website for which you are visiting right now. Thanks for dropping by!